Not suggesting it was out of this world...but what on earth was it?

DID anyone else see and has anyone got an explanation for the phenomenon witnessed by my family and at least one other person on Thursday, November 17, between 6.30pm and 8pm in the eastern sky over Todmorden?

It was a mostly clear, and clearing, sky with patchy cloud.

There was a light patch steadily tracking across a cloud from one side to the other and back. It stayed within the cloud, and as the cloud slowly changed shape and began to dissipate it remained constant - tracking back and forth.

I am not suggesting any sort of supernatural or extra terrestrial force was at work but it was and remains puzzling.

It looked as if a searchlight was being deployed but the patch was an uneven shape and no beam was visible leading to it.

It is still performing as I write and is clearly visible from my attic where the street lights are less obtrusive but my neck aches.

Has anyone any explanation? UFO enthusiasts please control yourselves.

Derek Elton,

Byrom Street,