Nothing to condemn and much to praise

IN response to the person who was condemning the theme of the carnival, could I just speak in favour of all the children and staff and helpers at schools who put in a lot of effort before and during the carnival?

Well done to you all.

Also to the people such as myself who took our children and grandchildren to be part of the carnival, and who stood alongside and supported the carnival in cold, windy and wet conditions - well done.

Whatever this lady and her husband have got to moan about is beyond me.

The theme was oriental which I presumed to be dress in national or traditional costume if possible and as far as I am aware a Geisha is part of Japan’s culture.

I presume this lady and her husband were more or less the only ones who interpreted the theme as offensive.

I would suggest they take part in the next carnival organisation so they can have an input because, after all, it is no good moaning after the event!

Nancy Williamson,

Border Rose, Walsden