Olympia - it is time for it to go


It’s time for a reality check since nostalgia seems to be in danger of ruling, OK.

The Olympia facade is an eyesore now and was an eyesore (many) years ago when I was growing up in the town.

It is totally out of keeping with other buildings and it’s time for it to go - if necessary piece by piece somewhere else for those who would like to see it survive.

Could we have whatever replaces the Olympia, supermarket or otherwise, constructed out of real stone so that we end up with a building that is in keeping with the surrounding architecture.

A couple of asides.

When is the landscaping of Rose Street due to start?

How many developments other than Sainsburys are in the pipeline for the Hope Street site? Or, with budgets tightening, do we have to suffer these visual disasters for years to come?

Geoff Evans