Once they’re lost...


I was one of the estimated half a million people who travelled to London to protest peacefully against the Government’s economic plans.

I believe that the spending cuts are hitting vulnerable and low income individuals and families hardest and that they will increase deprivation, disadvantage and social immobility significantly in the longer term. I believe this because I have worked in a social welfare setting for more than 13 years, and understand the specific detail of how some of these cuts will impact upon people with whom I work.

It’s time for us all to consider how fair a society we wish to live in, and also to recognise the value of good and effective public services. It will be too late once they are lost.

Our local group Calderdale Save Our Services is a good contact point for anyone who wants more information about the cuts or to join the anti-cuts movement. The group has organised a public meeting on April 14 at 7.30pm at Halifax Library regarding threats to the future of the NHS. The group can be contacted on an individual level at calderdalesosc@gmail.com.