Others will follow in footsteps

I HAD the privilege to take part in the inaugural St Paulinus pilgrimage from Todmorden to York.

The journey was thought provoking and inspiring. We all started as strangers and ended as friends. The journey had many twists and turns.

We arrived at York Minster on Sunday morning and were led into the Cathedral by the Archbishop himself, Dr John Sentamu. This was truly an amazing experience with many pilgrims moved to tears as it had been a very emotional journey...

Todmorden will benefit in many ways from our pioneering pilgrimage as many people enquired about our journey and stating that they planned to walk in our footsteps next year. This will bring many aspiring pilgrims to our wonderful and accepting town. I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart all the pilgrims, the organisers and people who supported the event.

Coun Jayne Booth, Robinwood Terrace, Todmorden.