Our government, though more subtle, still imposes its will

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CLARE Townley’s mischievous letter concerning UK and French attitudes to energy planning (letters, July 7) requires a response.

First, it would have been helpful if she had stated her professional involvement in renewables; second, does she realise France gets around 80 per cent of her power from 60 nuclear-powered plants?

So no problems with a nuclear planning application in France at all, they just make it happen; same as they did with the French wind farm she cites. They take the view that national energy security is paramount.

However, President Sarkozy upon taking power declared that wind farms should only be placed on brownfield sites wherever possible, as flying over Europe he had observed the visual desecration elsewhere.

Finally, it is arguable that whereas the French Government simply imposes its will, so, however more subtly, does ours.

The Planning Inspectorate conceded that with Todmorden Moor there were several potential problems (unknown mining galleries, potential flooding, disturbing spring water etc), but that the wind farm must still go ahead for the sake of the UK’s national energy security.

Quelle difference? Except perhaps a whiff of English hypocrisy about how free we really are to protest.

Keith Milligan,

Quick Stavers Cottage, Shore, Todmorden.