Our health’s still a concern and we must do our bit

The Public Health England map, unveiled today, uses a traffic light system to identify early death rates in local authorities, with red for worst and green best.

Two things stand out.

First is the present and growing gap between north and south, and second is the health of the residents of our own Calderdale.

The figures show that people living in the worst performing area are more than twice as likely as people in the south of England to die before the age of 75.

Overall premature deaths for the Borough was nearly 4,500 for 2009–2011 ranking us 117th out of 150 local authorities.

More worrying still is that we are ranked 15th out of 15 of similar local authorities.

The four main contributors to premature deaths are by cancer, lung, liver, and heart disease and strokes which exact a cruelly high price.

Now that Local Authorities have joined the National Health Service in becoming responsible for healthier living, we can all do our bit to help by stopping smoking, eating a healthy balanced diet, staying physically active, and sticking to a healthy weight.