Our market should be celebrated

AS a proud Todmordian it is saddening to see the number of sites in need of re-development.

I was pleasantly pleased to see the artist’s impression of the marina, it really could make a big difference to what has traditionally been the poorest entrance to the town centre.

There is no reason why a development on this site could not incorporate low cost units towards Key Sike Lane to encourage start up businesses and provide quality employment for some of the town’s unemployed.

Those who are keen to see the market’s demise should look at the town during the days on which the market is not on and see Tod’s resemblance to The Specials’ song...

The market draws people to the heart of town and has a range of food that cannot be found in many a big town or city, this needs to be supported and celebrated.

Hebden has managed to secure European funding for a large extension to its town hall (with low cost business units), while Todmorden’s architecturally stunning town hall sits needing urgent repair work.

Todmorden should be in a better position, than Hebden, to secure EU funding for the redevelopment work so desperately needed, so why is it once again left without these cash injections?

It is sad to see shops on Water Street closing down when this street represents one of the main draws for tourists to spend their money in Tod.

I for one shall be spending my money in Todmorden and supporting my town and it’s businesses.

Paul Bertram,