Overcome hurdles of officialdom

Thank you for letting my views on recycling provision become known through your paper. I am also delighted that Councillor Battye has joined the debate.

I suggested the Halifax Road site because of ease of access, configuration of the ground, availability of mains services and availablity of material on site for levelling purposes.

The Cinderhill and Victoria Road sites did not seem to offer such advantages. When I mentioined my ideas to staff at the Eastwood site their first reaction was the “health and safety” issue. This seems to be behind concerns aired in the article of August 1.

One has to wonder if by playing the “health and safety” card, this actually masks inertia and a lack of will and determination on the part of our decision makers. Perhaps we should remind ourselves that these decision makers are either elected by us or their salaries are paid by us to act on our behalf. We trust them to act expeditiously and with vigour to overcome the hurdles put in their path by officialdom.

Let us hope that our trust is not misplaced in this instance and that provision for the recycling of materials locally can continue.

John R. Hodgson,