Party system destroys faith in politics

Well, what a political saga unfolded around Coun Nader Fekri in your letters page of August 23.

We had the recriminations and attacks of shocked former colleagues, and the welcoming arms of a former bitter rival. We have the loyal partner weighing in like a local Mrs Gordon Brown to stand by her beleaguered man. Really, you couldn’t make it up!

Sadly this is just another example of how party politics destroys our faith in local politics and turns off voters come an election. It was interesting that Margaret Boyle a Labour Party member agrees with the call for Coun Fekri to resign and allow a by-election.

Her belief was that this is a minority view so she easily concedes it won’t happen. I don’t concede it because as I continue to point out to your readers party political members make up only 1.5 per cent of the population. It may be a minority view amongst all political party members, but what about the rest of us 98.5 per cent? Don’t we have a say?

Coun Fekri should follow the example of the Labour Leader of Calderdale Tim Swift, who says he resigned from the Lib Dems, took a year out joined the Labour Party and stood for election some years later.

For Coun Fekri to say “I am the same person with the same beliefs and commitment as I had when last re-elected in 2010”, suggests that party politics is irrelevant at local level so why did he not become Independent, as I did?

Probably as it has become harder to get elected because political parties have brainwashed the electorate into believing you only get a worthy local councillor if they are members of a party. So perhaps any party rising in the polls will do for those with designs on an easier route to a political career?

Whatever Coun Fekri’s motivations, he should resign and allow for a by-election in November to coincide with the Police Commissioner’s election and we can save the election cost he was concerned about.

And potentially we might end up with a better value for money councillor with a higher attendance record.

Stephen Curry, Hangingroyd Lane, Hebden Bridge.