Passengers shouldn’t bear bus ‘no show’ costs

LIKE me, the people who live in Heptonstall and, more particularly, on Blackshaw Head and Colden, must be tearing their hair out about the haphazard bus service being provided by the company supposedly runing it until the end of June.

This company presumably has a contract with Calderdale Council which it is signally failing to fulfil. It seems to me they should be financially penalised by the council for their failures.

Sometimes two designated buses in a row do not appear and people from Blackshaw Head and Colden have to take taxis, a very expensive alternative.

Surely the council should force its directors to refund every one of those fares?

People in Heptomstall do have the Halifax/Heptonstall bus to fall back on, but carrying the shopping up to the top of the village is not what I would do for preference.

Complain vociferously to the council! Or to Metro, if need be.

Barbara Green, Heptonstall.