People can still back good local enterprise

I AM the proud possessor of a “snapshot” of myself aged one and half years old, feeding my grandparents’ tortoise.

I suspect from the intense supermarket controversy that local humans are at some risk of emulating these placid creatures, or maybe turning turtle through over-eating, by always going out in shells known as motor cars and only emerging into the community to get food.

I buy most of mine from the Hebden Bridge Co-op, in our sister town which gets on well without hypermarkets; and I deplore the closure of our Co-op in Todmorden without a members’ meeting to concur.

Agreeing with the late Mother Theresa that small is beautiful, and in opposing the big way of doing things, I feel that England was happier though materially poorer in the days of post-war reconstruction before consumerism tempted us into greedy and impersonal lifestyles.

The deliberations on Sainsbury’s proposals preceded my election as a town councillor for Stoodley ward in which the site in question is located, but nobody has lobbied me on the issue. I agree with Calderdale Council’s recommendation and point out that any job-creation by yet another big grocery would cause matching unemployment elsewhere.

Also, although I strongly support people-power, I question the tactic of looking to Whitehall authority to overturn a decision duly made by our elected representatives.

Michael Kirke does well to write that grocery chains have no divine rights to enter where they please.

As for Coun Hewson’s question as to where the marina money would come from, I ask in reply where it came from to establish our town’s health, highways, schools, bus and gas undertakings in the dear dead days when councils of all political colours developed municipal socialism to near perfection.

We have sunk into a dependency culture, always seeking outside provision; yet surely there are enough local citizens who could contribute to good local enterprise instead of selfishly playing the money market? Not to mention the councils, that is.

Councillors should act quasi-judicially on plans, without regard to Party; and I write with sole responsibility for these views.

Coun Frank McManus (Stoodley ward)