People fought hard enough


After reading the letter from Sin Nicholl on your letters page on March 10, I feel that the comments about short-sightedness apathy and indifference are somewhat unfair.

From following the stories in the Todmorden News and the many letters regarding various issues about the local buildings it seems to me that the main problem is that once the councillors have got onto the council they have total disregard for the wants and opinions of the people that voted them in.

We only have to look how hard the people of Todmorden fought and all the ideas that were put forward to save the Rose Street building before it was finally demolished.

It will be a terrible shame to pull down the Abraham Ormerod centre just to turn it into a car park, the last thing that Todmorden needs is any more supermarkets.

There are only so many people shopping in Todmorden, if more supermarkets are built it will only take business away from existing traders and turn Todmorden into a town like so many others instead of having it’s own unique market town character.

Brian S M Campion