Personal attack was tawdry in extreme

I SHOULD perhaps thank Hywel Morgan for his seeming concern for my welfare in his letter to the newspaper a propos my husband, Councillor Nader Fekri.

Genuine concern, however, would surely be more appropriately conveyed to me personally than splashed across the pages of this newspaper. The relationship between myself, my husband and my children and how we choose to manage it is our personal business and our personal business alone. Any decent and right-minded person would respect this.

For Mr Morgan to use me and my children to try to score a political point is tawdry in the extreme. That this comes from a man to whom I have extended my hospitality, have fed at my table, and whom I have never hurt makes it all the more distressing. I, like I’m sure the majority of the electorate, believe that political debate is about policies. Personal attacks only cheapen and undermine the integrity of those making them. Mr Morgan’s attempt to slur my husband’s name by calling into question his qualities as a husband and father is the cheapest yet.

Whatever people’s opinion of my husband’s politics, views or actions, few could question the decency and respect he shows to others whatever their political hue (a quality oft praised by the people in his ward (supporters and opponents alike) and cited in the tremendously positive feedback he received as Mayor of Calderdale.

This broad-based appeal may help explain why he achieved the highest Lib Dem vote ever in Calderdale last time he stood for election in 2010, dwarfing results for the party before or since. If Mr Morgan ever seeks to better the disastrous result of his last attempt as a candidate in council elections, he might do well to take a leaf out of this book and ditch the dirty tricks.

Helen Silvester,

Cheetham Street,

Hebden Bridge.