Preston link-up will be the biggest benefit

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YOUR November 3 article focussed almost entirely on the possibility of a direct rail link from Burnley to Manchester and in doing so, completely ignored the potentially more important benefit to Todmorden.

At present, there is no easy way to travel by train from Todmorden to Preston (with its main line connections) and Blackpool and yet there is a rail service from Leeds to Blackpool, via Burnley, Accrington, Blackburn and Preston, which passes through the whole length of Todmorden, from Eastwood to Portsmouth, but it not accessible in Todmorden.

If one wants to use the service, it is necessary to start off in the wrong direction, by taking a train to Hebden Bridge and waiting and changing there.

If the rail curve were restored, it should be possible for a multiple unit train from Leeds to come into Todmorden station and for the driver then to transfer to the other end of the train, to drive it out again, in the opposite direction, towards Burnley and Preston, like, for example, what happens similarly at Bradford station.

You quote Janet Battye as saying “trains linking Manchester and Burnley should provide extra services to Todmorden”, but there is already a good service to Manchester and a service from Todmorden to Burnley would be to Manchester Road Station in Burnley, from where it is a long walk into the town centre.

Again, this misses the bigger possible picture, on which I suggest both you and local politicians should be concentrating.

Harry Wilkinson,

Cross Stone Road,