Previous inaction over Halifax scheme has cost Todmorden dear

I WAS somewhat upset to discover that Todmorden Town Hall Heritage Lottery bid had been knocked back.

However, this feeling soon turned to one of disbelief and anger when I discovered that one of the reasons it had been declined was the lack of progress to date on the Piece Hall project at Halifax.

As I believe it in order for Todmorden to secure the bid in the future, progress on the Piece Hall must occur.

This to me creates an irony; when it is Todmorden Town council who put together this bid and secured match funding. I also know that the bid was well received by all councillors.

It seems sad to think that after all the work councillors have put in to this we are judged on previous inaction in Calderdale...

Coun Jayne Booth

Labour, Todmorden ward