Public footpaths are of benefit to the community

I AM sorry that Madeline Hoyle dislikes my putting notes under the door of the restaurant at Todmorden Old Hall, but alas my search for a letterbox proved fruitless. Please, where is there one?

She says the important thing is that it’s private property, but there are tens of thousands of right-of-way public footpaths across such land. As for the Calderdale officer’s remark that there is no public right of way through from Hall Street to Rise Lane, that’s why concerned individuals have now claimed one on the basis of over 20 years’ free use.

The Highways Act 1980 provides that in such a case “the way is deemed to have been dedicated as a highway unless there is sufficient evidence that there was no intention during that period to dedicate it.”

Public footpaths are of benefit to the community and the route in question is helpful to residents and visitors using our rail station.

Anyone wishing to assist the claim may obtain a form from me - 97 Longfield Road, Todmorden, telephone 01706 816652.

Coun Frank McManus