Quality events that deserve our support

I ATTENDED the Wednesday evening performance of Rent at Todmorden Hippodrome Theatre.

I normally avoid amateur theatre productions because the actors tend to remind me of Stingray puppets - but wow! The quality of acting and singing on both an individual and group basis was certainly not amateur, it was exfellent.

The whole performance was very vibrant and everyone on stage was obviously enjoying themselves and committed to their roles. The stage scenery was well-built, imaginative and well used.

But there were several rows of empty seats, which I thought was rather sad, considering the amount of effrot everyone put into the performance.

On the Sunday evening I went to the Town Hall to see Todmorden Choral Society and Todmorden Orchestra perform Samson. Once again an excellent show, but more than half the available seats were empty.

If all the people who sit at home drinking cheap supermarket booze while signing petitions and writing whinging letters about any proposed development in Todmorden bought a ticket for a local show, visited one of our local galleries (which have some excellent stuff in but are often void of people) and popped out for a pint in a local pub, then we could have a busy, thriving little town.

Words are cheap, actions make a difference.

On a separate note, after months of frustration regarding our serious sewage problem (Todmorden News, April 14) I eventually managed to smile at the wuote from a Yorkshire Water spokesman in the newspaper. He said: “We are working really hard to get to the bottom of it.”

So neighbours beware! Your toilet habits are being scrutinised by Yorkshire Water!

Arty Cox,

Pexwood Place, Todmorden.