Rap them on the knuckles, if it is appropriate

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Councillor James Baker regrets the ending of the coalition at Halifax Town Hall (May 16), but I favour it.

Abraham Lincoln famously said that a house divided against itself cannot stand, and Britain has remained deeply ruptured ever since Margaret Thatcher was allowed to break our post-war consensus.

It will be beneficial for parties with distinctive viewpoints to listen to one another, perhaps sending messengers to visit other group meetings, to try and settle the best way ahead on issues as they arise.

Clearly this may entail more work by individual councillors; but that’s what they are for, not just to go to committee meetings and receive allowances which were wrongly granted in place of expenses for subsistence and compensation for loss of earnings!

I look forward to co-operation on Calderdale Council which will be our local contribution to reviving ethical public life.

Mr Baker appears to make a hobby of attacking the Labour Party, which by and large the Lib Dems now leave to look after ordinary people like the Liberals tried to do in the dear dead days beyond recall.

He did not vote to send a message to Nick Clegg against the Bedroom Tax, and he should note that public sector dwellings in the north are generally of higher quality than those down south.

Thus, it is a Mansion Tax, and James’s party keeps in power a government which refuses to apply such a tax “across the board”.

The public rightly remember too that the Lib Dems have broken their major election promise not to support college tuition fees.

He really should stop trying to pretend that local politicians can wash their hands of at least some responsibility to warn their national comrades when appropriate.