Refurb the old one, this is too expensive

THE controlling coalition on Calderdale Council intends to build a new Library and Archive at a capital cost that is almost twice that of refurbishing the current premises, as your correspondent wrote in last week’s Todmorden News letters,

In October 2009 the Conservative Group listened to 17,000 people who objected to the proposal to demolish the Library and Archives and with the support of the whole council it was agreed that the library would remain.

We now find ourselves with the Lib-Lab councillors on cabinet looking to reverse this decision and build a new Library and Archive on the site adjacent to the Square Church Spire; the Conservatives on the council do not believe that this is the best way forward.

Whilst we agree that Northgate House - now in a very poor condition and an unsuitable building from which to work and deliver quality services from - should be re-developed for much needed retail space that fits the needs of the retailers who want to expand their businesses into Halifax.

This can be done and a refurbished Library kept in its current position.

The Lib-Lab pact pushed through many budget changes based on support from a survey that 3000 Calderdale people contributed to and continuously reminds us that they are listening to the people yet they are prepared to push through a new Library against the wishes of 17000 and at a much greater capital cost.

Following the letters to the press the majority are in favour of retaining the present position of the Library so we advise the Coalition to listen.

Coun Stephen Baines,

Leader of the Conservative Group,

Calderdale Council.