Remedial work round here is never completed

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I read, with interest your article “Canal project has un-lock-ed its potential” (October 9).

I was also pleased the read the accolade for the work done along the 33 miles between Manchester and Sowerby Bridge.

I only wish I could recognise some of this work taking place on the three or so miles from Todmorden to Warland.

I walk on part of this stretch every day, and have done so for over 15 years, and the only improvements I have ever noticed is the replacement of Lock Gates, and the cutting of the grass along the canal edge, with the occasional pruning on the trees growing out of the retaining walls of the canal.

The retaining walls in various places have collapsed into the canal, and each year more and more of the path is consequentially collapsing into the water. Similarly, the canal boundary walls are slowly disintegrating and falling apart.

On the few occasions some remedial work has been started, it has never been completed.

It has been left with either a wooden fence or metal stakes and orange plastic “fencing” around it, which has either been torn down or is disintegrating of it own accord.

The path itself is difficult to walk along, being so worn that most of it is an almost continuous line of puddles, thus making it necessary to walk on the grass verges, or wear wellingtons every time it rains (winter or summer).

Also, being a popular cycle route, even the cyclists ride on the verges to avoid having to take a mud bath, thus wearing away the grass and creating more and wider puddles and reducing the walking space for pedestrians.

It would be nice to know exactly which stretches of the canal were included in the judging process.

Valerie Greenwood