Remove eyesores

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Why all the fuss about a supermarket in the place where a supermarket was before?

Taking down the old one and the next door building can only be an improvement as they are an eyesore now.

Having a new, better, modern supermarket will be an inprovement for Todmorden.

More people will visit the town and also visit our market.

Why all this moaning from the market people?

They cannot provide everything that people need.

What are they and others afraid of?

There used to be many many more shops and stallholders on Todmorden market and why not let the town progress?

They will still get people shopping in and on our market. They always have.

More stalls need to be in use on the market anyway.

I have lived in Todmorden many years and my wife was born in Todmorden and we say stop this childishness.

Let them get on with rebuilding a better supermarket and remove the eyesore the site is now.