Retail sector needs all the support it can get

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As would be expected, I have taken a great interest in the current letters page debate on car parking charges.

Whilst I have no objection in principle to people having to pay a modest charge for parking to cover the costs of management and maintenance, it does seem though that there’s some excessive profit taking here.

However, that may not matter so much if the excess profit was to be ploughed back in to the creation of additional car parking in Hebden Bridge and possibly other towns.

The retail sector, especially in Hebden Bridge, is one of the major economic and employment driving forces of the town and currently needs all the assistance it can get.

Finally, I would like to say, in one aspect I do agree with Anthony Rae in that we should all be operating with a level playing field.

Therefore, why do people in Hebden Bridge have to pay to park on Sundays whilst this is not the case in Halifax and other locations?

David Fletcher,

Hebden Bridge.