Sainsbury’s is right scheme for this land

Artist's impression of the revised plans for the proposed Sainsbury's store off Halifax Road, Todmorden
Artist's impression of the revised plans for the proposed Sainsbury's store off Halifax Road, Todmorden

I SHOULD firstly like to say that I strongly favour and support the Sainsbury’s bid for a supermarket at the Halifax Road site.

I would also like to congratulate Wetherspoons on their initiative in resurrecting the White Hart and providing both employment and facilities for local people.

Having lived in Todmorden for almost 75 years and developed and run successful businesses for almost 50 of them, I feel that now is the time for Todmorden people to stand up and be counted.

The most valuable asset available to the town is land in the valley bottom. This is required for the road, the river, the railway and canal, limiting the availability of development sites.

To read that our Town Council and various fringe organisations support the flooding of acres of land which would be both costly and produce little financial return for the residents of Todmorden is ludicrous. At this time there are marinas at Sowerby Bridge and Hebden Bridge.

A supermarket on the site would create far more footfall for local businesses and provide much needed employment. This would also cost the ratepayers of Todmorden absolutely nothing.

Our esteemed councillors have managed to turn a blind eye to many of the town’s eyesores. The Abraham Ormerod Health Centre and the old Olympia are prime examples of this, whilst at the same time allowing a perfectly good Rose Street Health Centre to be vandalised, demolished and fenced off to prevent parking and increasing parking charges.

I was recently asked by a local councillor for my ideas on how best to develop the Rose Street site, and considering that Calderdale have spent the ratepayers money on it, I think the ratepayers should have been allowed to have a say.

I am also disappointed with the dereliction of various mill sites in the town. The Rochdale Metal Units site off Victoria Road has been left abandoned with a metal fence fronting to Victoria Road. Within the site there are car parking facilities already marked out whilst the residents on Victoria Road have to park on the road creating a traffic hazard.

Surely some arrangement could be made with the site owners to provide at least a temporary parking situation for residents in order to reduce risks to traffic using Victoria Road? I also understand that Cinderhill Mill is to be left half demolished. Both these sites provide a gateway to the Town Centre for visitors/traffic travelling from the direction Halifax and Burnley. Welcome to Todmorden!

Dan Crabtree, Finestreet

Limited, Todmorden.