Sainsbury’s more use to us than a marina

SOME people don’t seem to know what a marina is - according to my dictionary, a marina is a harbour for yachts and other pleasure boats.

Most Todmorden people, like me, are proud working class people. I don’t know anybody in Todmorden who owns a yacht. I can’t afford a yacht or any other sort of pleasure boat. A marina would do nothing for the vast majority of Todmordians.

On the other hand Sainsbury’s will provide 150 jobs for working people, pay for the site to be cleared and build a lovely modern building with a cafe overlooking the canal. A new supermarket will benefit the whole town and surrounding areas.

Once again it is an outsider that is telling us how our little town should be.

A few facts about the site - the whole site and the area is liable to flooding, being very close to the water table. You can imagine what would happen if they built a 52-berth marina with all that extra water, it could leave us with flooded cellars.

Architect Ivor Dibble said that everyone he talked to seemed to be in favour of a leisure development for the Halifax Road site.

He must be talking to the small minority who want a marina.

Most people like me want a Sainsbury in Todmorden - come on, Sainsbury’s, when are you going to start?

James Gregory, chairman of Todmorden Pride, stated there is very little flat land. He wants to take a walk around Todmorden and look at the old Rose Street health centre site, the Der Street site, the Adamroyd Mill site, the Cinderhill Mill site and all the other derelict mill sites - all flat land.

Once again, it is a small minority of people that are objecting to supermarkets.

John Taylor,

Industrial Street,