Saying the same in Wetherby...

I WENT to Wetherby last week, and the first thing I saw in every shop window was sign which said “Say no to Sainsbury’s”.

Wetherby is a nice little town, which has a good size Morrison’s, a nice riverside and a nice selection of shops, pubs restaurants and cafes. Also a nice large hotel.

Why Sainsbury’s should even be considered there is beyond me.

The shopkeepers there have the same problems as Todmorden. Sainsbury’s are saying the same there as here in Todmorden, stating that 80 per cent of the local community want a Sainsbury’s.

The retailers disagree. I am a local retailer in Todmorden Market and I get the impression that 80 per cent of my customers do not want a Sainsbury’s in Todmorden.

Yes I do agree with the Town Council.

I would hope a marina and a some business units can be blended in together. Also a few bars and restaurants etc and a hotel.

We have got loads of space. I am sure it can all be fitted in to all the places that are closed, run down and left to rot.

Pat Raybould, Todmorden.