Searching for the ‘Tod Lads’

I am an ex-pupil of St Mary’s RC School in Yorkshire Street, Burnley, from1958-61.

Quite a number of Todmorden lads came to St Mary’s. Our teacher was Mr Charlie Kelly, an 8th Army veteran now sadly passed on.

A few of the names I remember are Jim Damer, Frank Cobley, Kevin Horton, David Ashworth and a lad called Johnson nick-named “Jonah.”

I have quite a few class photographs from St Mary’s. Sadly, some of the lads on the photographs have also passed on.

If any of the “Tod Lads”, as Mr Kelly used to say, would like a copy of the photographs, please contact me - telephone 01539 733365, email - I remember all the names of Mr Kelly’s class.

I am short of one class though - Class 2B 1959. I moved and spoiled the picture. Mum wouldn’t buy it because of this.

I’m retired now but I still keep in contact with some of the lads. Looking forward to hearing from the “Tod Lads”

Steve Hird,

Hayclose Road, Kendal, Cumbria.