See how our PACT works

Doghouse Lane,


IN response to the letter “We need info before we can assess value” (March 24), in which Terry Sharphouse quite rightly questions how we can have much more information on services that we are funding via Todmorden Council, I would like to offer what I hope will be some useful information.

Terry, and anyone else who is interested in the workings of our local policing team, should attend one of the PACT meetings held at Todmorden Town Hall. The next is on Thursday, April 21 (7pm).

Anyone can attend and meet members of the policing team, put any questions they have to the team and discover ways in which members of the community can support them.

The team are always keen to hear the concerns of local residents, act upon them and report back to the meeting on actions and progress.

At each meeting, those present are asked to set priorities for the team to tackle. These can be any situations which are causing concern.

The officers will report back to the next meeting.

You can also use the opportunity to arrange to speak to an officer in confidence if you prefer.

Even if you don’t have a particular question and are just interested in what is happening in our area, still come along. You will be made welcome.