Selfless coaches deserve praise

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I attended the Todmorden Amateur Swimming Club’s gala to cheer my daughter on and what an inspiring event it was. More than 70 young people taking part in a similar number of races from age six upward to open age events.

Records tumbled, a young old boy completed his first length to massive cheers and all the competitors showed good grace whether they won or lost.

We hear so much about a minority of young people who cause trouble, but we seldom celebrate the achievements of highly motivated young people who train week in and week out for this event. They were a credit to all the parents and relatives who packed the viewing gallery to support their children.

But the real stars of the show were the selfless coaches and volunteers who give their time to work with the swimmers to help them to fulfil their potential in their chosen sport.

Those volunteers are not seeking praise, but we are hopeless as a society at acknowledging the efforts of people who work with our youth, so I wanted to thank them publicly for their work which produces champions in every sense of that word.

Paul Clarke

Hebden Bridge