Service is being slowly dismantled

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Rochdale Road,


What Pauline Nash said in her letter regarding Todmorden library (Todmorden News, February 17) should be taken with a large pinch of salt.

Reading beyond the ‘Library Not Under Threat’ headline one quickly discovers that she is looking to scale back opening hours and replace staff with volunteers.

In anyone’s book this is a slow dismantling of a vital public service.

If we are going to have to rely on volunteers to keep things running under David Cameron’s vision for Britain then we can kiss goodbye to valuable local services.

And while Councillor Nash is happy to make such blithe assurances it is worth remembering that it was her party who promised voters there would be no VAT increase, no increase in tuition fees and 3,000 extra police officers.

Every one of these promises was broken. So why should we believe the Lib Dems now?

Fiona Brougham