Set some appointment time aside for workers

I WRITE in response to the letter which you printed in the Todmorden News (November 2), regarding the service at the Todmorden Medical Centre.

My mum needed an appointment in October to renew a sick note. She telephoned at 8am and finally got through at 8.25am, to then be told that all the appointments for that day had been taken. My mum then rang again at 1pm, as advised by the receptionist, so she could try to get a cancellation, still no luck.

Again, a day later, she telephoned again and tried again to get an appointment, still no availability! She eventually got an appointment on the third day.

Bearing in mind that my mum was sick at the time therefore not working, and able to attend an appointment at any time during the day, she was still unable to be seen. Given this, it must be practically impossible to get an appointment which can fit into a working person’s day!

I agree with the comments which were made in the earlier letter which you printed. Why can’t there be a certain amount of appointments which can be booked in advance, maybe on GP a day taking pre-booked appointments?

Surely a medical centre, has to benefit the whole of the community and not just the people who have time to stand outside who can rush in and book the appointments?

What about the majority of the town, who are then left without being able to see a GP or a nurse - what are we meant to do?

Gili, Todmorden.