Shopping diversity to be welcomed


In response to the article regarding Netto wishing to RE-OPEN a store in Todmorden.

Myself and many local people from Cornholme to Hebden Bridge would be delighted to see the permission granted.

Firstly, there has been a store on the Olympia site for many years and it has not effected any business in the town. In fact I know many people in the Hebden Bridge area that treavel here each week to shop, at Lidls, Morrissons and the market.

Diversity works.

It is time that SORTIT took at look at what is offered by the market before complaining.

Most of the week the stalls are half empty, and the indoor market is not open on a Sunday.

If they seek more business I would suggest that they address those problems, and become competition rather that present the pitiful service that they do.

As for building on an historical site. The day hospital is more remembered as one of Harold Shipman’s headquarters, and should have been demolished years ago and perhaps made into a memorial garden to those who died.

For the future of Todmorden I and many others wish Netto sucess, and look forward to seeing more people shopping in the town.

H. Levene