Silly season is surely still alive and kicking...

I THOUGHT the silly season had finally passed us by, but no it’s still alive and kicking in Morrisons of all places - you couldn’t make this up even if you tried.

All I wanted to do was to hire the carpet cleaner for the day. Simple enough you would have thought, but not at Morrisons where it would appear your passport, driving licence (and bus pass in my case) together with my bank debit card isn’t enough ID for them.

It appears that you have to produce two forms of ID to hire one of these things, which is fair enough I suppose, and the main ID that you had to have had to be a recent utility bill (within the last six months) Unfortunately, I don’t have any as I have paperless bills. I explained this but it made no difference. I said surely my driving licence which had my photograph on it and my address together with my debit card would be OK? Sadly, I was told my passport would also be not acceptable.

Eventually, I phoned head office and spoke to customer services, explaining what the problem was and they agreed that my driving licence which has my photograph and my address on it, together with my bank card, would be sufficent ID and they would contact the store.

No sooner had I put the phone down that the manager made contact and said that my driving licence and bank card would be OK, common sense at last! But, hold your horses, another phone call from the manager informing me that because I had esculated the matter to head office, who had now been in contact with him, I had to bring in a utility bill.

I managed to download a gas bill off the computer and print it off and then went down to the store to get the carpet cleaner and - guess what - never took any details of the utility bill, just a big tick and a hand written “electric bill” across where it asks for the account number to be inserted and likewise with my debit card, a big tick and handwritten “debit” even though it asks for the last four digits.

I rest my case - the silly season is still with us, or at least in Morrisons.

Alan Godfrey,

Bottomley Road, Walsden.