Small minority are holding town back - there’s no future in the past

FIFTY years ago a well-known local estate agent said to me that in time Todmorden would become a residential town, a place for retired people and unemployed working people.

I have added commuters to the list, people who have gone out of town to find work. Take a look at all the parked cars around the town centre. Where are all these people shopping? Not in Todmorden. The estate agent was right.

The time is now. If something is not done to bring Todmorden into the 21st century it will die, it will become just another road junction where people drive through.

We need a supermarket to tidy our little town, providing jobs for working people, putting money in their pocket to spend in the market and other shops in Todmorden.

If we get Sainsbury’s perhaps the commuters and those who go to out of town supermarkets would shop in Todmorden, creating much-needed jobs for local people.

We need people who will create proper jobs employing a lot of people. We need industry creating jobs for our working people. Todmorden would prosper; once again it is a small minority of people that are holding the town back.

There is no future in the past.

John Taylor, Todmorden.