Some are as tall as the Pike, and more

THE outstanding landscape of our locality is under planned attack from heavily subsidised industrial developments.

In addition to plans already approved, there are current planning applications for even larger, more obtrusive, specimens. One is 45 metres tall near Blackshaw Head and two near Heptonstall each 34 metres tall.

A typical house is some 8.5 metres high and the largest mature trees 12 metres high. Stoodley Pike is 36 metres high.

These new planning applications, if permitted, will result in very obtrusive intrusions in the landscape and obviously would be in conflict with Calderdale Council’s Green Belt, landscape and conservation policies. Recently Government planning policy statements have been replaced by new planning rules, and very recently a High Court ruling by Mrs Justice Lang said: “As a matter of law it is not correct to assert that the national policy promoting the use of renewable resources negates the local landscape policies or must be given primacy over them.”

Each generation inherits its environment from those that precede it. To erect extremely obtrusive industrial structures, each on a large concrete base in a cherished rural landscape is to deny future generations their birthright.

Most people, including planning officers and planning committees, who are aware of what is happening to our locality, should be at pains to reject any such developments, no matter who has a share in the spoils.

Brian Wells, Burlees Lane, Hebden Bridge.