Some ideas that may help you

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I CAME up with this idea a while ago. I do of course hope you don’t have another serious flood in your area, but if you could publicise my idea, it might save a lot of misery for everyone should something like this happen again in the future.

It is a simple idea: in the event of a flood warning, a blanket can be nailed across entrances to houses.

This would need to be done from the outside, so there would be a need to climb in through the window, after making the installation.

The blanket will act as a filter to stop mud coming in, and may well seal the doorway and prevent water coming through as well.

Another idea would be to put silicon sealant around the lower half of the door or caulking could be used.

These are reasonably quick drying, and anyway, the silicon is not water-soluble, so may be better.

The householder would need to check to see whether there are any air bricks, which would also need to be suitably blocked off: maybe using a piece of polythene sheet stuck on with silicon sealant.

I must say I have not tried this myself, but I’m sure it would help the situation.

David Clarke,

Hill End Farm,

St Albans, Herts.