Someone should bite the bullet regarding river banks

Surely, the time is long overdue for someone to bite the bullet regarding the contentious issue of accepting responsibility for the river banks in Calderdale, before further, and indeed worse flooding occurs?

My immediate concern is for properties in the Shade and surrounding area of Todmorden, as the condition of the river banks on Bacup Road could prove to be a disaster waiting to happen!

The accompanying photo shows how neglected the river bank has become, and shows a large clump of trees which has grown completely across the river from one side to the other.

Such is the growth of foliage over the water course, that it resembles a tunnel, with many of the tree branches practically hanging in the river.

Were one or two large limbs to become dislodged by flood water they would certainly serve to block the culvert a few yards downstream, resulting in water flooding out onto Bacup Road, and causing yet more heartache for householders lower down. Furthermore, as the culvert is probably the better part of one hundred yards long the task of clearing the blockage would surely be more troublesome than trimming the tree limbs before disaster strikes.

That wise old saying “prevention is better than cure” comes to mind, so I feel now would be a good time for the council and the EA to come down off the fence and do something constructive.

Dave Stansfield,

Bacup Road,