Stall that shows why it’s now the market for me

WITH all the negative views of Todmorden lately,what with the derelict building sites and lots of empty market stalls, I thought I would share something new and exciting with fellow Todmordians.

On the inside market where the fruit and veg stall was, there is now an amazing new stall. It sells ingredients and products from Spain, France, Italy, Turkey and Ukraine and is wonderful!

Each country has it’s own section and the guy there is so helpful. I was indifferent to Sainsbury’s coming to Tod but after shopping there and him being so amazingly helpful and friendly then I say would definitely choose the market over a supermarket.

Plus, his products are “the real deal”, genuinely imported, taste amazing and are something we wouldn’t be able to get in a supermarket. This man is passionate about his Mediterranean food and will bend over backwards to help.

There are a huge variety of yummy goodies as well as herb and spice mixes for meatballs, pizza and exotic french dishes... in addition to the delicious olives and marinated garlic that he already does on a Saturday market.

I just want to say I hope his little business thrives and I really enjoy shopping there! Not content with just telling my friends about this wonderful new stall I thought I would tell the whole of Tod about it!

Jade Taylor, Todmorden.