Stark reminder that EA needs to dredge

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The recent floods which have occurred in Wales and other parts of the country were, if one was needed, a stark reminder of the flooding experienced in the Calder Valley almost eighteen months ago.

I was interested to read in the Hebden Bridge Times, the repairs and remedial work that has taken place to reduce the flooding in Todmorden, which must be very reassuring to the people of Todmorden.

However, I am concerned that there will now be a greater volume of water which will, unless some practical work is done in the river, increase the liability to flooding in Hebden Bridge and Mytholmroyd.

In some places the river has been reduced to half its intended width, and the depth has been considerably reduced because of the build up of silt over the past thirty years. A report from DEFRA said that the Environment Agency should undertake dredging as part of its maintenance regime.

It is, after eighteen months, time the Environment Agency started to remove the excessive vegetation, and silt from the bottom of the river, otherwise the next flood could be more extensive than the last one.

It would also give the people of Calder Valley some reassurance and peace of mind.

Coun Richard Marshall MBE