Stop this appeal, then Asda can make fresh application

I HAVE written to Craig Whittaker MP as follows.

“On July 26 I attended the Planning Appeal in Todmorden Town Hall against the refusal by Calderdale MBC, with Town Council support, of permission to build a supermarket on land adjacent to Halifax Road in the Stoodley Ward, which I represent on Todmorden Town Council.

“At the start of the hearing, I raised a ‘point of order’ to the effect that the appellant was not the original applicant, Sainsbury’s having been succeeded by Asda; but Inspector Cookson nevertheless went ahead with proceedings now adjourned.

“I have now checked that the application in November 2010 was by Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd, Property Alliance Group Ltd and MCR. But just as the Dean of a cathedral is not the Dean-and-Chapter, so these appellants are not the applicants; and I doubt the regularity of allowing a different body to take over.

“To give an extreme example, what if President Assad had done so?

“I therefore suspect that the Local Government Minister has erred in commissioning Mr Cookson to conduct the hearing.

“Please therefore ask him to abort the proceedings; it would then be open to Asda to make a fresh application.”

Coun Frank McManus,

Todmorden Town Council