Supermarket could boost town footfall

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I FEEL after reading the article, “Sainsbury’s will be death knell for shops, says Craig,” that I had to write and put my opinion forward.

I understand from the article, approx. 4000 people signed a petition to stop the proposal, so with a population of 11,000 does this mean that the majority of the remaining 7000 are happy to embrace Sainsbury’s to the town, are not bothered either way, or are actually delighted that someone is wanting to come to our town and develop a now derelict site that quite frankly is an embarrassment?

In allowing Sainsbury’s to develop this site that it will not only regenerate the site, but also bring a number of desperately needed jobs, make it cheaper for a large proportion of Todmordians who travel out of town to do their weekly shopping and, in doing this, will increase the footfall into the town, where I believe a number of people will also venture onto the market and into its shops.

We need to be honest with ourselves and ask, how many Ocado, Sainsbury’s and Tesco Vans can be seen regularly delivering into Todmorden and how many people actually already shop outside of the town?

So, is it all that Sainsbury’s is doing is fulfilling a need for it’ customers? How many supermarkets were there when we had the best market in Calderdale - it was certainly more than we have now! Is there something missing from the market that make people want to shop out of town? Should the market parking fee be waived - is this actually not one of the main problems to the gradual demise of the town?

S. Que, Todmorden.