Supermarket will bring in visitors

I AM writing to back up the points made by T. Lumb, J. Scholes, K. Pickering and S. Que (letters, April 26).

I am one of the 7,000 people who did not oppose the Sainsbury plan.

I also think Sainsbury’s would benefit from a fuel station on the site.

Regarding the market and local traders, most people who live in Todmorden have to travel out of town to their place of work which means many have to leave early in the morning and don’t get back until after 5pm.

Where can they shop thejn?

Maybe the market traders would benefit from a late opening to give these people a chance to trade with them.

Todmorden needs more visitors to come and surely another supermarket would help achieve this as they could see what’s on offer as they drive through.

At the moment all they can see is derelict eyesores which are not likely to go away without some serious investment which Sainsbury’s are trying to provide.

If visitors are not attracted to our town they can’t spend any money here. Wake up council - let’s have more jobs, choice, visitors and tidy the place up.

Reader resident in Todmorden for almost 50 years