Take your rubbish to the tip and stop littering our countryside

I WOULD like to thank the kind person who left an enormous television stand box in the small lay-by on Shaw Wood Road at the weekend.

It really enhanced the beauty of the woods and contrasted nicely with the lush spring foliage and carpet of bluebells.

Your thoughtfulness in leaving all the polystyrene in the box was also appreciated.

I know it’s almost 200 yards to the recycling centre at Eastwood and that’s quite a long way to carry a big box when you have a small brain, but heh, someone will clear the mess up for you, won’t they?

After all you have a 42” Plasma TV to get back to. You could be missing something really important like X Factor or maybe you have an appearance booked on Jeremy Kyle?

I would also like to pay tribute to some of the wonderful tradesmen (not all) who delight in leaving their take-away wrappers, crisp packets and drinks cans at the same spot.

Also the lovely people who donate their beer cans and wine bottles after a night out.

It’s really handy having a nice big hillside to throw your litter on, isn’t it?

Don’t worry though, someone will ring the council and get it cleared up ready for your next visit.

P. J. Wood

A friend of Shaw Wood,

Lee Bottom Road,