Thanks for all who chipped in for our tunes for MAG

Thank you, from the Coral Reefers, to all who contributed to our collection of £28 for the Mines Advisory Group when we busked in Hebden Bridge on Sunday, August 4.

MAG is a neutral and impartial humanitarian organisation whose vision is a safe and secure future for communities affected by armed violence and conflict.

We clear land of landmines and unexploded ordnance (UXO) for use by poor communities and help people in contaminated environments to live more safely until their land can be cleared.

Humanitarian Mine Action is not just about landmines. In many current and former conflict zones, UXO – explosive weapons, such as bombs, rockets, missiles, mortars and grenades, that did not explode when they were used and still pose a risk of detonation, potentially many decades after they were employed or discarded – can pose an even greater threat to safety.

The Coral Reefers are Denzel who leads us, sings and plays guitar; Barbara who sings, plays tambourine and keeps the men in order and Bob who plays the mandolin quietly but sings loudly.

We play a variety of styles but particularly like the music of John Prine and Jimmy Buffet; acapella traditional songs in harmony and gospel numbers.

As well as trying hard to sing in tune Bob came up with the orginal idea for the collection. He feels passionate about the cause, having seen several land mine injuries, including fatalities, whilst providing medical care for de-miners in Kuwait after the first Gulf War.

Bob and Denzel,

The Coral Reefers.