The bread basket of the Valley!

The answer to Allan Walker’s question (letters February 9) “Where is the Royd in Hebden Royd” is “nowhere.”

Perhaps Mr Walker, like many other Royders, knows that Mytholmroyd provides between fifteen hundred to two thousand jobs based over four industrial parks, as well as accommodating Calder High School.

Amongst other businesses Mytholmroyd boasts several global corporations operating quietly in its midst. Whilst there is not the strong aroma of coffee in its streets, Mytholmroyd is, in short, the bread basket of the upper Calder Valley and yet, it rarely sees any return on the 42 per cent contribution it makes to the town council coffers. Recent major projects in the village, the upgrading of St Michael’s Square and the refurbishment of the Memorial Garden were achieved with minimal assistance from the town council.

I have heard it said on good authority from one elected representative who visited the village twenty years ago that it “is always shut” and therefore not worth spending the money on.

It is this attitude towards the village expressed, week in week out, in the Town Council, coupled with the syphoning of money from the railway station car park project into yet another Hebden Bridge project, which has brought this issue to a head. It is no wonder that the call for a separate parish council for Mytholmroyd, Cragg Vale, Brearley and Hawksclough is gaining credence. If there was clear parity in the distribution of monies between the townships then I suspect that hackles would not have risen, however the deliberate denial of resources to a village that quietly gets on with the work at hand will eventually be met with a roar that will not be ignored.

Jade Smith