The jobs of young people who have them could be put at risk

GERALD Batty (letters, April 7) says that we should embrace the new supermarkets because young people need jobs.

May I point out, that lot of young people work close by to these sites and that they could be in danger of losing those?

Opposite the proposed Sainsbury site is a wonderful gem of a cafe called The Stoodley - in this cafe you can buy anything from a flask of coffee to take up the hill, to a wonderful hearty breakfast or lunch.

I have watched this business grow from a near derelict shop to a wonderful cosy stylish cafe that I would be proud to take any friends or members of my family in.

The owners have worked tirelessly over the last year or so to really make this business stand out.

Local artists are featured on the walls, and flyers are available from local businesses giving it a real warm community feel.

Furthermore, there are several young people that work in this cafe. As it is almost opposite the new proposed Sainsbury, I am very concerned about a Sainsbury cafe across the road.

I would sincerely hope that down to earth freshly cooked locally produced food, served with a smile and a friendly word, would win hands down over the pre-cooked, pre-packaged pre-frozen then microwaved food that would be on offer in the “cafe overlooking the canal.”

If Sainbsury really do care about our town, then I suggest they put their money where there mouth is and offer free unrestricted all day parking, so that those who visit them can also visit all the other wonderful things our lovely town has to offer.

However, my first choice would still be that Sainsbury build their store elsewhere and leave that site free for a wonderful Canal Visitor Centre incorporating lots of new small businesses.

Dawn James, Bacup Road