The Olympia building should have been listed


formerly of


It is with incredulity that I have recently learned that the above two buildings are to be demolished for the building of yet another supermarket!

Firstly, the Olympia is the only remaining Art Deco building in the town centre and most certainly should have been listed as such.

Secondly, the sad state of the Abraham Ormerod Medical Centre is an appalling commentary on what was an attractive 1938 building and a gift to the town’s people by a generous benefactor.

This building was clearly allowed to deteriorate into such a state where the option of demolition makes it much more feasible.

Over the years the town has lost some of its most impressive architecture - Bridge Street Chapel, Patmos Chapel, Co-operative Buildings, The Grapes Inn - and it would appear that the attractiveness of the town centre will be made even more utilitarian by losing yet more neglected buildings only to be replaced by a supermarket and car park.

I would have thought that the spirit of the Todmorden people would have been aroused with a united voice to save buildings of value and style and put a stop to unnecessary development.

Burnley Road was perhaps the most attractive road in the town centre but I fear that this scheme will only align Todmorden with other towns which are bereft of creditable architecture!