The vote option’s never changed

FOLLOWING on from the news story about our blog (September 8 edition), there are some criticisms of the blog - at - and I would therefore wish to express my apologies to the people who are finding the blog confusing, and who make the comment that the questions have changed.

It states clearly “Vote here” and has never changed. The shortcut is

My intention of the blog was to allow people to contribute to making Todmorden economically, socially and environmentally friendly. I feel that having comments on this blog allows the people of Todmorden to express an opinion and adds value in that it gives us a good idea as to the reason behind the vote. It also gives people the opportunity to contribute new ideas.

Please note that there is a link to e mail, Facebook and Twitter allowing the general public to post this link on their own Facebook page.

The blog should be used for the purpose of voting and expressing an opinion on the topic of the vote, as opposed to criticism of the blog itself, which was started with the very best of intentions.

The site is about how many people vote “yes or no” to wanting a Sainsbury’s.

The comments are interesting enough as this allows the people of Todmorden to express their opinion. Comments are always valuable to indicate opinion and contribute new ideas, without necessarily having to vote “yes or no” on a particular question.

It is, however, a good thing to have a comment on why the particular vote was made. The fact that comments are on different pages shouldn’t make a difference to the fundamental purpose of this blog. I again apologise that some people are dissatisfied. It was just an idea that I had to get people to contribute to the welfare and aspirations for an economically, socially and environmentally friendly Todmorden.

Chris Baksa, Todmorden.