Their policies created eyesores

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I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Liberal Democrat Councillors posing in the Todmorden News in front of the now derelict but once beautiful Abraham Ormerod Centre.

Everyone in Tod knows that the Lib Dems have been running the Town Council for decades. It is their policies that have created all these eyesores in the town!

I’ve only been a member of the Town Council for a few months and in my experience the Liberal Democrats are a bunch of pettifogging wasters. For example, at a recent Council meeting they squandered valuable time by tabling a motion all because someone had, allegedly, insulted one of their councillors!

Todmorden Town Council has a proud historic heritage of being able to improve the lives of the people in our town. With the right policies I believe that the Town Council could once again address the important issues facing the people of Todmorden.

Coun David Tattersall

Todmorden Town Council, Cornholme Ward, Labour