There are other energy options

I DEPLORE the decision to allow wind turbines on Todmorden Moor in the Langfield ward I served as councillor from 1991-2007.

The council to its credit gave cross-party support to the popular concerns to enhance our moorland heritage, but it seems that pressures from central government backed by a business orientated EU are forcing these excrescences all over Europe - this in the name of “renewable energy” at a time when blatant energy waste through overnight and other excessive illumination of roads and buildings goes unchecked.

Recently visiting County Durham, I found it galling to see a windpower site in an area where millions of tons of coal remain underground following the Thatcherite massacre of the mining industry, which, incidentally, has made Britain too reliant on Middle East oil. Modern chemical methods of “clean” use of coal remove CO2 related issues.

Coun Frank McManus, Stoodley ward